pd (prettydark) wrote in team_zissou,

Hello out there, anyone watching!

It is I, your prodigal maintainer. I'm sorry this community is so neglected, it doesn't deserve it. All the hype is long gone, but I still have love for the Life Aquatic costuming concepts.

My friend gave me her old cadets shirt, and it is going to be a totally rockin' TZ button up. I'll try to post pictures of all the Life Aquatic themed clothes I have. (not much as of yet, I'm afraid. I have an awesome red hat with a little traffic light patch sewn on.)

I am also accepting applications for a co-maintainer. I'd like someone who is willing to do some of the work (as of yet - next to none), who can offer some livejournal community maintaining experience, and someone who continues to be interested in Life Aquatic costuming/cosplay.

Please submit your application in the comments of this post.
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