Catastrophe Waitress (milk_bubble_tea) wrote in team_zissou,
Catastrophe Waitress

Zissou Hat Trade?

Hi there. My name is Alina and I was wondering if someone could help me, please~! I'm looking for a Life Aquatic hat, but not like the ones Team Zissou actually wore in the movie. I know, it sounds weird, but hear me out.

These are the hats that are all over eBay and such:

But I'm actually looking for a promotional hat that has a blue circle, like this:

I understand that they were giving them out as a promotion for buying the DVD when it came out or pre-ordering it, something like that. I'm having a tough time finding it because I keep on seeing the ones with the stop-light design on them. I'm not looking to make a costume, I just want the promo hat. Any ideas where I could find it?

I'll buy or trade a "regular/stop-light" design hat for the promotional hat.

Thanks a lot!
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